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Commercial snowplowing and salting

Small or large parking lot? We have the right equipment to maintain your facilities. Don't forget to prevent slip and falls by taking advantage of are ice management program.

All terrain snow plowing

We don't need blacktop or cement to clear you a path. Do you have stone/dirt roads leading to a service station  or wind mill  that hasn't been cleared all winter? We have the equipment to help, a industrial blower or 5 ton plow truck.                    

Emergency snow removal

Snowplow Doctor has the equipment to clear anything old man winter can bring on. Is your town or city buried in snow? We can help, our industrial snow blowers clear 9 ft wide paths and condenses  the snow taking up less space then the piles a loader leaves. Also our blowers can load dump trucks, the benefit in that is we can fit twice the amount of snow in one dump truck also load faster.